Parkinson’s Puzzle

Parkinson’s is truly a puzzling disorder.If ten of us had the flu, we would all have similar, if not identical, symptoms.
Ten of us with Parkinson’s, likely all would have different symptoms expressed.
Every person with Parkinson’s will experience symptoms differently.

Parkinson’s is truly a disabling disorder.
Yet, there are many strategies for managing our symptoms.
It requires courage, determination, commitment and hope.
Hope, mixed with a strong will to succeed.
Remain hopeful, treat the symptoms, you are still you.

Parkinson’s is truly a baffling disorder.
By definition, Parkinson’s is a progressive disorder.
Progression is linked to the survival of neurons in the substantia nigra.
Making dopamine is their task, hugely important substance.
We all are doing all we can to preserve this area of the brain, our movement, our gait, and more of everything lies in the balance.

Parkinson’s is truly a frustrating disorder.
You may notice me stumbling, fumbling and slurring at 8:00AM.
I am definitely neither drunk nor high.
Either I am having a bad moment, or just warming up.
Give me a minute, please; I’ll get better.

Parkinson’s is truly an infuriating disorder.
It takes longer to get dressed in the morning.
Button-down shirts, trying to tie a tie, and tucking in the shirt; it just takes extra time.
Thankfully, my career is more casual/business casual; life is good.

Parkinson’s is truly a disruptive disorder.
We weren’t given the choice of Parkinson’s, but when compared to other neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and ALS, give me the long-life progressing Parkinson’s.
It could be a blessing in how much I will now appreciate living the rest of my life.

Parkinson’s is truly a puzzling, disabling, baffling, frustrating, infuriating and disruptive disorder.
Someone once said: “Challenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
Help me, and all the others with Parkinson’s, to live a meaningful life.
Bring a supportive hand, an engaging heart, and always bring overflowing hope.
We’ll feel your love and energy, and we’ll work hard to overcome the challenge of Parkinson’s.

2 Replies to “Parkinson’s Puzzle”

  1. ” my goals are to stay positive and strive to keep focused on what matters the most…I am still here”. Thanks for the important positive focus. We all have a terminal disease-L-I-F-E. By acknowleging appreciating affirming the brevity, we can add to our moments and to our days. Eternity is in our hearts. I am reminded of a song “We are pilgrims on a journey we are brothers on the road. We are here to help each other walk the mile and share the load.

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