eBook: A Parkinson’s Reading Companion

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” Don Williams

“Hope is a renewable option: If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning.” Barbara Kingsolver

Several people have asked me about compiling the 9 chapters of quotes (submitted by the 62 students in my undergraduate Biology class) into a single document.

I am pleased to give an update (16.06.10) that “A Parkinson’s Reading Companion” as an eBook has been published (it is currently under final review) as a Kindle eBook (eReader format from Amazon.com).  Why?  The Kindle/Amazon.com system is world-wide and their reach is huge, super-huge. All proceeds from this eBook will be donated to the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) to provide needed material related to Parkinson’s outreach/education. The advertised price for the Kindle-version of “A Parkinson’s Reading Companion” will be $2.99 USD (for every 50 eBooks sold will generate ~$100 USD that I can donate to the NPF). And yes, I’d be honored, flattered and most grateful for your purchase of an eBook [it’s the same price as a venti Iced Coffee with or without Milk ($2.95 USD) and much less than a grande Caramel Macchiato ($4.25 USD), both from Starbucks].

Here’s the brief description for the eBook: “Finding life’s meaning with a chronic and progressive neurodegenerative disorder like Parkinson’s disease requires being positive and staying strong. It helps to pave a hope-filled path as you walk through your own life-journey. To support your journey, here are some words worth living derived from quotes on hope, courage, journey, persistence, positivity, strength, adversity, mindfulness, and life. The eBook’s theme revolves around words of inspiration; consistent with the comment by Cassandra Clare that ‘We live and breathe words.’ The students from my undergraduate course submitted quotes about these words, which provides the framework for the eBook.”

The individual chapters are also available here: click here to read Chapter 1 (hope); click here to read Chapter 2 (life); click here to read Chapter 3 (strength); click here to read Chapter 4 (adversity); click here to read Chapter 5 (positivity); click here to read Chapter 6 (courage); click here to read Chapter 7 (persistence); click here to read Chapter 8 (mindfulness); click here to read Chapter 9 (journey); and click here to read (“Words Worth Living”).

Cover photo credit: http://www.rarewallpapers.com/beaches/lifeguard-station-10678


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