Journey with Parkinson’s: Brief Reports on Current Research/Issues

“There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.” Isaac Asimov

“Live neither in the past nor in the future, but let each day’s work absorb your entire energies, and satisfy your widest ambition.”  Sir William Osler


Introduction: For the following reasons, I would like to introduce and describe a new feature in “Journey with Parkinson’s: Brief Reports on Current Research/Issues”:

  • Inspired by the incredible writing of Simon Stott @Science of Parkinson’s disease (click here);
  • Impressed by the breadth and depth of understanding by the Parkinson’s community (PwP and care-givers/coaches);
  • Excited by the pace and significance of Parkinson’s research (basic, clinical, and translational);
  • Bolstered by an innate love of the biomedical sciences;
  • Encouraged by readers and friends of the blog;
  • Motivated by my disorder named Parkinson’s, I can do more.

“When the right ideas emerge, a completely indescribable process of high intensity comes to pass in the soul of the person who sees them.”  Werner Heisenberg, The Meaning of Beauty in Exact Natural Science, 1971

The Short Report: We’ve all seen and read them, many newspapers, journals, magazines, and internet websites use them to review or highlight a new or ‘hot topic’ in most fields of science/medicine, including:
Medical News Today (click here);
ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News (click here);
STAT: Daily Recap  (click here);
Parkinson’s News Today (click here

Tentative Format for the Brief Report on Current Research/Issues: Unlike some of my blog posts that can contain 2,000-3,000 words (or more), the tentative plan for the length of the brief report will be <1,000 words. The tentative format will include:

  • A colorful cover photo and at least 3 relevant quotes (2 opening and 1 closing);
  • Overview (Who/where they are; cited publication. The main points of the research);
  • Current understanding of Parkinson’s;
  • Goals and Methodology (what they proposed, and how it was done);
  • Translating/Explaining the Results (what was found);
  • Conclusions (importance/relevance to Parkinson’s today and our future).

Suggest new papers, “hot topics” and/or relevant issues to Parkinson’s: Please send me any paper you found important, and I’ll add them to my ranked list of new/interesting work.  My (hopeful) goal is 2 “Brief Reports”/month…stay tuned….and thanks so much for your continued support.

“If I’m going to do something that could be provocative or artistically relevant, I have to be prepared to put myself in a place where I feel unsafe, not completely in control. I have no fear of failure whatsoever because often out of that uncertainty something is salvaged, something that is worthwhile comes about. There is no progress without failure. And each failure is a lesson learned. Unnecessary failures are the ones where an artist tries to second guess an audience’s taste, and little comes out of that situation except a kind of inward humiliation.” David Bowie

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6 Replies to “Journey with Parkinson’s: Brief Reports on Current Research/Issues”

      1. Doing so well, Frank! I am in my research year right now studying neurovascular disorders like aneurysms, AVM and stroke. I am thinking about a residency that is neuro-related. Your posts have been inspiring


      2. Thanks, Andrew! Keep going strong ’til the end of medical school, you’ll find the best career path to follow…but I do like the neurovascular angle, that’s very cool, take care of you, Frank


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